Top 3 Indoor Plants You Must Have

A touch of green in your home, whether in the garden or indoors, is always a plus.

But, let’s not forget that as opposed to plastic flowers, these are alive, and they require so much care and attention from you.

There are so many plant varieties you can choose from, or you can save time and count on us to choose the best out there for you, our dear reader.

I- Best indoor plants :

Some plants will only liven up your entryway, while others, apart from looks and color, will improve your health and wellness at home. Here are a few from a rather long list:

– Gerbera Daisy; an excellent oxygen producer

– Snake plant; a toxic pollutants remover

– Aloe Vera; accelerates wound healing and reduces dental plaque

– Peace lily; purifies the air and promotes restful sleep

II- Tips to follow :

Note that the above-mentioned plants are no different from any other ordinary plant. They require constant care to stay in shape, and so you can benefit from them for much longer.

Have a look at the basic things you need to do for your plant:

– Don’t resort to repotting, it can trigger a shock

– Allow for good soil drainage

– Don’t overwater the plants

– Keep them in their nursery pots

– Create the right conditions for them to flourish and above all prevent root rot.

That is all you need to do to keep your indoor plants healthy and happy and in return, they will be hard at work to help enhance your home environment and improve your health and well-being.

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