Are They Kitchen Scraps Or Soil Gold? Find Out

Not all leftovers have the same destiny. Some of them can still feed your plants and soil.

Leftovers scraps are basically organic material that we are tossing away in the trash can without a second thought! How about you repurpose it to improve your soil quality and structure while saving the environment?

I- Coffee Grounds :

– Coffee grounds are one of the most important kitchen scraps that you should not throw away in any case.

– You can use them to clean surfaces or deodorize small spaces or objects (the fridge, pipes …, etc.).

– The most important use of coffee grounds is in the garden, just apply them as a natural fertilizer since they are an excellent source of nitrogen which is essential for plant growth.

– In fact, you can take advantage of it to feed your plants, just by sprinkling some at the feet of the plants and mixing it with the soil.

II- Eggshells :

– Also take advantage of eggshells as kitchen scraps, nourishing your garden and potted plants.

– Simply crush them into crumbs and bury them at the foot of plants to improve the soil quality and strengthen the plant’s cell walls thanks to the calcium in eggshells

– They are also used to fight against insects, slugs, and various garden pests and provide natural protection to new plants.

III- Leftover Grass Clippings:

– Many garden owners consider mowed grass a waste product that should be disposed of, as it serves no purpose.

– In fact, it is very useful as it reduces the need for fertilizers, provides nutrients like nitrogen and if left on the lawn, will decompose and feed all the plants nearby.

– All you have to do is gather the mowed grass in a bucket filled with water and let it macerate for at least a day.

– Then, use the liquid to spray the plants and water them to improve the quality of the soil and feed the plants.

IV- Banana Peels :

– The same goes for leftover bananas, and more specifically, their peels.

– Instead of getting rid of those leftovers, you should know that they are a source of potassium which is essential for your plants’ growth

– Indeed, banana peels contain a lot of fiber, starch, vitamins (A, B, and C), and nitrogenous proteins.

– Banana peels are a powerful organic fertilizer, harmless to the environment, and very beneficial to your crops.

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