What’s the deal with electrical outlets? How to safely clean them?

Have you ever thought about cleaning the electrical outlets in the house, but don’t want to take the risk?

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That is quite understandable. One must always be cautious when cleaning electrical outlets, however, we have a few natural tips that will allow you to clean the outlets without causing any electrical hazards.

Nothing can stop you from cleaning every nook and cranny in your house.

I- Baking soda :
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Baking soda is the perfect ingredient that will restore the shiny white color to what used to be a dirty yellowish outlet.

No need for a bucket of water, just put on a pair of gloves and do the following:

– Make a paste with baking soda and just a tiny amount of water

– Apply around the edges without getting too close to the holes

– Rub with a sponge and leave for a while

– Wipe with a cloth to remove the residue and let it dry

II- Can you also use a potato ?

Yes, you can! A potato is not only good for plant propagation. It is also perfect in case you decided to clean an electrical outlet

All you need to do:

– Cut one in half

– Scrub the stubborn stains with it

– Wipe with a clean dry cloth

Not a drop of water!

III- Vinegar : the stain exterminator :
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Des img: thanks to its acidic properties, vinegar can make melt away all stains

Even though the electric outlets look clean to you, but some grayish stains caused by metal plugs will never go away without vinegar.

– turn off the power

– Dip a cotton swab in this acid and start rubbing where needed

– Do not wet the holes

– Wipe well to dry quicker

Don’t forget to dust at first, a simple wipe with a dry cloth can do the trick without having to resort to any of the above-mentioned solutions, but if the stains become too ugly to see, then you will need to take action.

Please note that It’s very important to turn off the power even if there’s no water involved in the process of cleaning.

Consider trying these tricks, and you can thank us later!

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