Grow The “Impossible” Avocado Tree at Home

For some people, growing an avocado tree at home is quite challenging, if not an impossible thing to do. For us, it is as easy as pie.

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Have you thought about growing avocados indoors, but were always discouraged by those who think it was not possible? Well, we are here to correct that fact!

To begin with, let’s familiarize you, our dear reader, with avocados and their uncountable benefits.

Avocados, alligator pears, or butter fruit are all names for bright green pear-shaped fruits with leathery skin and butter-like oily flesh. Avocados are rich with:

– vitamin C, E, and K

– vitamin B

– Folate, magnesium, and potassium

I- Start with the pit :
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It is quite surprisingly easy how you can grow your own avocado tree at home. You can even turn this into a classroom project for kids, but first, check how it is done:

– Grab an avocado pit and clean it

– Locate the pit’s fat flat end as that’s where the roots come out

– Wedge three toothpicks at a slight downward angle around the pit

– Fill a transparent cup with water and place the pit over it

– Only The pit bottom side (root side) must be submerged in water

– Place the cup on your windowsill and make sure you change the water every week

– except the pit to grow sprouts after 6 to 8 weeks

II- The Sprout is Here :
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As mentioned earlier, avocado growing is super easy, and now with your sprouted pit here and ready, it is about time you potted it.

– Prepare a pot that is 10 inches across and 20 inches deep

– Pot the sprouted pit in the soil

– Once the plant hits 7 inches tall, pot it again in Humus soil (we will show you how)

– Make sure you support the roots beneath the pit, but leave its top half exposed

– Make sure you water it regularly but don’t overdo it

If you are concerned about Humus soil, we’ve got you covered. As promised, we will show you how to make it. It is a nutrient-rich material that is added to soil to improve soil fertility and increase water-holding capacity.

The good ingredients of Humus soil must be:

– Vegetables and leaves

– Fruit peels and grass clippings

– Eggshells

– Decomposing Paper and cardboard

– Horse manure

As you can see, all the ingredients are either in your garden or kitchen. Mix them all together and you will end up with a nutrient-rich material that will do wonders for your garden.

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