3 Things To Know About Mimosa: The Wonder Of The Plant World

Acacia Dealbata, the silver wattle, or simply, Mimosa.

It is an evergreen tree that belongs to the mimosoid clade of the legume family Fabaceae, and in the Victorian language of flowers, mimosa symbolizes secret love.

It is a beautiful tree that produces yellow flowers, and sometimes, you need a touch of bright color in your garden. Could any color be brighter than the pretty yellow winter flowers?

If you too want to have this tree in your home, read the rest of this article to discover what it needs to thrive.

I- Favorable Environment :

Like any other plant, flower, or tree, Mimosa can grow and thrive if certain criteria are met:

– The pot: Slightly narrow, but deep enough, twice as big as the plant’s root ball, pierced at the bottom, and preferably made of clay.

– The ideal spot: should be well exposed to the sun but sheltered from the wind.

II- Required Nutrients :

Your plant will grow and thrive if you adjust the soil correctly based on its needs

In our case, mimosa needs

-Fertile and light soil

– Little acidity

– Good drainage

– Clay pebbles or gravel

– Composition of: potting soil + river sand

III- Maintenance :

If you decide to keep the pot indoors first, then there are a few things you must do:

– Control the watering

– Choose non-calcareous water

– Let the soil dry before watering again

– Hydrate the plant only once a week in winter

– fertilize the tree every six weeks during the growing season

– Re-pot every 24 months

– Prune after each blooming

– grow in a greenhouse in the wintertime to protect it

Hope you enjoyed the above-mentioned Golden tips, to have a beautiful and elegant mimosa.

You might have stood in front of a mimosa tree before, contemplated, and maybe asked yourself “How was this done? ”

Well, now you know. And it is indeed one of the wonders of nature!

How about you start growing your own now? It is never too late.

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