Eggs-citing Ideas for Beautifully Decorated Eggs

Eggs are rich in nutrients that are deemed necessary for the body’s development, especially for children.

Let’s explain that a little more.
Eggs are rich in vitamins including B2 for cellular energy, B12 for the production of red blood cells, and D for bones.
And they taste good too, especially in salads.
And by the by, we have some terrific ideas to make your dish more beautiful with eggs.

I- A story to tell about eggs :

This is one of the ideas that will please your kiddies a lot. You can even teach them how to do this and give them a chance to take part in this fun task.
You are going to make, from simple hard-boiled eggs, that you would have cooked in boiling water, a whole family of poultry; A Chicken, a Rooster, and their little chicks!
-Thinly slice carrots and shape them into a nest.
-Take the first egg and stick two tiny pieces of olive as eyes, and use carrot pieces to make the beak and crest.
-Separate the whites from the yolks for the chicks and do the same on the yolk balls, not forgetting to make the whites from the shells.

II- Flower basket :

How do you turn eggs into flower baskets?

You are right to ask yourself this question as it seems silly to you, but with us, anything is possible:

– Choose a few of the biggest eggs

– Cut them horizontally in two

– remove the egg yolk

– mix egg yolk with cheese and herbs to make a colorful bouquet, then place it back inside the egg

– Wrap a piece of chives around the extremities to make it look like a handle

III- Colorful salad :

The simplest and most well-known among all the techniques of decoration in the kitchen.
But this time we’re going to make it healthier and more colorful.
– Prepare a good garden salad
– Choose a transparent salad bowl that is deep enough
– just like Tetris, just layer it upstarting with green salad, then green peas, then carrots, and don’t forget a layer of white and yellow sliced eggs all around.
Your salad is now ready, and it is appealing to both Eyes and Stomach.

IV- Penguin eggs :

A super easy technique and a guaranteed fun result!
– Leave the egg as it is, it will make the body of your penguin
– Take two black olives, one will be the head, and the other, after being cut in two, will be the wings
– Use a few pieces of carrot to create the nose and legs, serve with a green salad and a good sauce. By now, you’ve come to understand that the penguin’s body is made up of two black olives, one for the head and one for the wings.

To be served with a green salad and a good dipping sauce.

By now, you’ve come to realize that It’s all about creativity and good taste. All the above-mentioned tips will preserve the nutritional value of your eggs and encourage your children to eat them, as eggs have now become much more “entertaining” for the choosy little ones.

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