4 Who-Knew Uses For Aluminum Foil

We all have our secrets, don’t we?

There are the good, the bad, and even the ugly secrets.

But did you know that your kitchen has as many secrets as you do, if not more?

Let’s reveal a few for you, shall we?

Reach out to your kitchen drawer. How many products are there? A dozen maybe? Did you know that there are a thousand and one uses for the same common household product?

Take aluminum foil, for example!

I- Dishwasher secret :

Want your dishes to look shiny?

Here is one of the secrets you need to know.

Cut a sheet of aluminum foil, but this time, you will not use it to cover the dish.

– scrunch it into a ball

– Place it in the dishwasher

– be amazed by the results.

II- For the laundry :

You will see that this tip will quickly allow your clothes to regain their color and brightness.

– compress the aluminum foil into a ball

– toss it in the washing machine

– Start your washing cycle as usual

As a bonus, this trick will reduce static electricity as well.

III-Optimize ironing :

We can agree that ironing is time-consuming and none wants to waste time doing it.

How about we speed it up a notch?

– You can cover the ironing board with an aluminum foil layer and as it reflects heat, you will be ironing both sides of your clothes at the same time.

IV- Save on heating :

Of all the secrets revealed so far, this is perhaps the one that should interest you the most.

– Take a thin cardboard box the size of your radiator

– Cover it with aluminum foil and staple it well

– Slide it behind the radiator

By reflecting heat, it will prevent it from escaping through the walls.

Having a roll of aluminum foil in your drawers at all times is a very smart habit. And after all the secrets we revealed to you, you know that you’ll need it sooner or later.

Dear reader, note that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Life is full of mysteries and for that, we won’t quit revealing them for the sake of a happy and healthy life.

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