Take Care of Ants Invasion The Natural Way

Speaking of ants, those fascinating creatures are small, but the problems they can cause are bigger than you can ever imagine.

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Despite their size, they play quite an important role in the ecosystem and even though they are small, you must always take them seriously because species like carpenter ants can wreck your home, and others like fire ants are known for their painful sting.

These insects, attracted by our garden and even worse by our kitchen, end up contaminating our supplies and leaving us with nothing.

What would you do if ants suddenly decided to colonize your home? You would go straight for chemical products to kick them out. How about you take a deep breath and think of an alternative that is natural, eco-friendly, and can save you a lot of money? Better yet, don’t think, we just did the thinking part for you.

What to do then?

I- Use lemon :
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– Squeeze a few lemons

– Filter the juice and dilute it in water

– Pour it into a spray bottle

– Spray everywhere you suspect they are present

After this, they won’t even have the nerve to approach you.

Another powerful and inexpensive acid is white vinegar, but be extra careful where to spray it as it can hurt your plants

II- Cinnamon :
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Cinnamon is a natural ant repellant since it contains cinnamaldehyde that can exterminate microbes and insects as well. It simply confuses the ants and breaks the scent trails that they use to communicate. Our tiny friends will no longer be able to find their way home

So don’t hesitate to sprinkle some wherever necessary, especially in the garden, to keep them away from your home.

III- Coffee grounds :
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Even though coffee attracts us, it repels the little beasts. But that’s not all there is to it.

Coffee grounds nourish the garden, deodorize the pipes and absorb moisture and grease.

For this, and especially to chase away ants, spread a layer of coffee grounds all around your plantations or pour it into a bowl, then place it in a strategic corner. Note that coffee works the same way as cinnamon does to repel your tiny enemies.

IV- Lavender oil :
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Lavender is your best weapon against an army of ants! You can either:

– Place a sachet of dried lavender flowers in the areas where you spot the ants

– Or mix lavender oil with water and spray it around your house to prevent the ants from going inside

You can, of course, use baking soda, which is also natural and very reliable, but it will eliminate them, and we prefer not to do that.

Ants, although sometimes irritating, they are still essential to many ecosystems. They spread seeds, keep the soil healthy and act as important food sources for many other animals, so they deserve our respect and appreciation. For that, let’s not rush into anything before testing the above-mentioned tips.

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