One Tip To Make Your Toilet Smell Amazing

Even in the cleanest houses, there is one problem that anyone can encounter: a smelly toilet!

It makes sense that certain toilets smell bad due to bacteria, broken seals, or maybe clogged drains, but this does not mean that we cannot do anything about it.

The best idea is to light scented candles or maybe grow plants too like the Boston Fern plant that will absorb odor.

Give natural cleaning products a try as well such as white vinegar, baking soda, soap, clay…, etc.

Basically use everything, except cleaning chemicals!
Because, in addition to intoxicating the planet and yourself, they will make things worse by releasing more unpleasant smells

And here is a new tip, not very common, but very reliable.

I- Strike a match in toilet :

The secret there lies in one word: Sulfur!

The smoke that will be released by the burning match stick will absorb all the unwanted odors.

How do you do it?

– grab a match stick out of its box

– Strike it and leave it lit for a while

– Blow out the flame

– Place it, unlit, in a bowl in the toilet

The below tips will help you a lot. They are quick and practical, and unlike chemicals, they won’t harm the environment.

– Ventilate the space every day

– Empty the garbage can regularly

– Watch your diet as it’s not only good for you but for your toilet as well.

– Keep yourself well hydrated to prevent strong odors from urine

– Clean every day with natural products to remove stubborn limescale and dirt

– Always go for soda crystals and essential oils

if you follow all the instructions to the letter, you will forget how your toilet used to smell. Trust us when we say that a toilet that smells like roses is definitely not a luxury!

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