Increase Your Microwave Longevity With 3 Tips

Having a microwave at home is very practical. You can easily heat dishes, melt chocolate or even cook in a matter of seconds.

And like any other home appliance, it requires some maintenance from time to time, especially when a manufacturer’s instructions for use are not followed like:

-Anything made of metal or stainless steel does not belong there

-The same goes for aluminum foil and single-use plastic

-And no takeout food containers or Styrofoam

What you mustn’t forget is to leave the door open after use.

I- Leave the microwave door open:

Of course, we’re not going to heat roses in there! But we are aware that certain foods like fish have a rather strong odor, so by keeping the door closed after use, there is no chance for those odors to go anywhere and will eventually stick to the microwave for days.

Just leave the microwave door open and all the unpleasant odors will be gone

II- Time to squeeze some lemons:

You can’t leave the micro oven door open? We brought you an alternative.

What you need:

– A bowl

– 2 lemons

As lemons possess antibacterial properties, they can be perfect odor-busters.

– Just squeeze the lemons into the bowl

– add water.

– Place the bowl inside the micro oven until you start noticing the difference

III- Take care of your microwave:

Such home appliances require a lot of care, otherwise, you will soon be repairing them:

Here are a few tips to increase their longevity:

– Protect it from splashes with a plastic film provided for this purpose

– don’t run it while it’s empty

– Heat lemon or vinegar water in it to soften dirt and disinfect it

– keep its removable parts clean

Such tips will keep your home appliance clean and protect your health as neglected micro ovens can cause food contamination due to the built-up layers of splatter and mess inside them

This won’t take time, so don’t hesitate to clean your home appliances more often.

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