Genius Hacks For Cleaning The Bathroom

You know how exhausting it is to keep your bathroom clean and shiny, and you’re looking for easier ways to do this? You’re in the right spot.

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Likewise, you’ll soon find out that it is not that complicated, the pesky chore that was causing you so much stress will disappear as all you ever needed was a few genius tricks.

I- Remove all items :

Your toilet is surely cluttered with items like shampoos, soaps, toothbrushes, and even plants and those will do nothing but slow you down.

For that, you must empty the bathroom before you step and start the cleaning process. The emptier it is, the easier.

II- Clean the shower :

Or the bathtub for that matter. If you leave water inside it, that will cause stains as well as water lines, and you and I must agree that it will not look pretty.

You can clean the bathtub this way:

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– Wet the bathtub

– Sprinkle baking soda all over its surface

– Grab a brush and dip it in a mixture of hot water and dish soap

– Give it a scrub until that water line is finally gone

III- Clean the sink like a pro :
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A sink whether in the kitchen or the bathroom is almost always wet. That is a perfect reason why mold invited itself to your sink, but worry not. We have the right solution:

– Mix baking soda with vinegar (the best duo)

– Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and aim at that sink

– With a brush and some dish soap, give it a scrub

– Be amazed!

IV- Avoid these items :

If you want to clean your bathroom a lot faster, then rule number 1 would be: get rid of the unnecessary items in there.

– Toothbrush: your bathroom is a moist, humid space and bacteria love that! Also, are aware that whenever you flush the toilet, particles go up in the air, and do you know where they would land? Probably your toothbrush! Message received!

– Perfume: if kept in that moist spot, it will oxidize, and before you even know it, will lose its scent.

– Razor blades: again, with the same threat. Moisture can attack your razor blades and eventually, they will rust before you get to use them.

V- Never skip the toilet bowl :
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A step not to be taken lightly, yet nothing is complicated in its cleaning as long as it is done meticulously.

– Change the water in your tank every week

– Disinfect it with vinegar

– Slip a dishwasher tablet into the bottom of the toilet and let it work its magic before washing

– Always dry the sides and the seat

Don’t forget to air out your washroom area regularly and if you have carpets, expose them to the sun whenever possible. Also, think about placing shelves to add storage space and make cleaning easier for you.

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