Your Hair Needs The Miracle Of Baking Soda

Do you want a product that does almost everything? Cleaning, gardening, cooking, and even for beauty?

Baking soda is the all-purpose inexpensive product that you are seeking.

What makes it special is the fact that It’s much cheaper than anything else that’s already cluttering up your closets. And unlike other products, it’s environment-friendly, so now you have a reason to use it.

If you’ve been a fan of our articles about the wonders of backing soda, we can safely bet that You’ve already tried it for cleaning laundry, and dishes or as an insecticide, or maybe for your plants.

This here chapter is different. This time, it is your hair that will need baking soda

Yes, “your hair”!

I- Baking Soda For Hair :

Baking soda for toilets, ovens, dishes, laundry, pipes, garden, silverware, jewelry, and even teeth.

But for hair?

A mixture of two simple ingredients: water and baking soda can make the best shampoo that can replace all the products you had on your shelf. They are now a thing of the past.

You might be wondering. What good is it for my hair? Here is why

– no more impurities or other product residues or dandruff.

– It’s very eco-friendly (it doesn’t pollute the planet)

– removes dye after three days of washing

– Lightens hair if combined with peroxide or lemon

– The best treatment for oily hair

II- Uses of Baking Soda :

If you’re already excited about the idea, you’d probably be curious about how to use this miraculous product.

– To clean your hair with this natural substance, dilute a tablespoon of water with a few drops of essential oil, then add lemon juice or cider vinegar to balance the acidity.

– To discolor your hair, use a mixture of bicarbonate and lemon.

– To make your hair lighter, make a paste (250 g of bread soda + 60 ml of peroxide).

Leave it on for half an hour, then wash your hair with cold water.

Be careful though, don’t overuse bicarb on your hair as it can strip the natural oil from your hair and make it super fragile.

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