Save Your Skin From Dehydration With Only 5 Products

Beautiful skin is a healthy, clean, and soft one, but how do you get it?

We are always exposed to cold, dryness, and hyper-aggressive cleaning products that can “get under our skin”, but don’t worry about it anymore!

Just a few more steps, and you won’t suffer from dry, chapped hands.

And never forget that the secret to smooth always lies in nature.

I- Moisturize with oil :

All oils are wonderful, as long as they are natural.

Essential oils like argan, coconut, carrot, almond, or simply olive oil!

-Apply it at night before going to bed and don’t forget to massage it into the pores.

-Now Cover with absorbent cotton.

II- Oatmeal for the skin :

Oatmeal is quite beneficial for the whole body as well as for the skin.

In three words: it soothes, exfoliates, and cleanses your skin.

– Mix the oat powder or even its flakes with milk.

– Spread the paste on your hands or face.

– Rinse half an hour later and wipe off with a soft towel.

Notice the difference already?

III- Petroleum Jelly :

One of the classics from the good old days, as we didn’t have many beauty products back in the day, but Vaseline was always available and affordable to help with most skin concerns like Dryness and irritation.

-Apply, preferably at night.

-Put on gloves or socks.

-Remove the excess of this product the next day.

IV- Coconut oil :

Whether it is milk, water, or oil that you extract from coconut, it certainly has something to offer for your skin.

– Massage with coconut oil in a circular motion.

– It soothes wounds, nourishes the epidermis, and even prevents wrinkles as it is high in vitamin E

V- Relieve itchy skin :

Cocoa butter is what we’ve spent our lives putting on our lips since we were kids. And it has always worked! And Shea butter has the same effect (and a similar smell).

– apply shea butter on your skin after a shower.

-cover it with your fingers until it softens, then massage gently.

– Repeat as necessary.

Want Baby skin? That may be a bit of a stretch, but if you keep using these products every day, you’ll probably achieve it.

Don’t forget that what is caused by nature, can only be remedied by it.

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