Nailed it! Nail Care And Maintenance For Free And For Life!

Every time you go to a nail salon, you feel like you were ripped off. How about you learn how to give them a refresh at home?

You need nothing but a handful of ingredients to keep your fingernails clean and white.

I- Beauty Ingredients :

What are the famous instruments that will make your hands more beautiful and your nails stronger? Just a bowl and a simple makeup brush, or cotton swabs if you like.

The needed ingredients of our natural remedy are as follows:

– 30 g of baking soda

– A dab of castor or coconut oil, or moisturizer of your choice, preferably Vaseline or Nivea

– 10 ml of hydrogen peroxide

And by the way, hydrogen peroxide is considered natural, since it is environmentally friendly and can even be found in rainwater.

II- I got the ingredients, now what? :

The question now is: How can you put all these ingredients together properly to bring your fingernails back to life?

– Take your bowl or a simple saucer

– Create a paste with the above-mentioned components

– Apply as if you were manicuring

– Wait a few minutes for it to dry a little and penetrate

– Then rinse well with warm water

– Reapply cream to moisturize your skin

Do this every day and after two weeks, you will certainly be amazed by the difference!

Say goodbye to brittle, weak, and discolored, and hello to stronger, fuller fingernails. Note that even their natural color will change.

Don’t forget to smooth them every night with oils like castor or coconut. Use gentle nail polish removers and avoid permanent polish to improve fingernail health and appearance.

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