Grow Tomatoes At Home As Easily As 1-2-3

How would you like your tomatoes? In a fresh salad, in pizza sauce, or maybe in an energizing juice?

You only need to pay close attention to the quality of the tomatoes you buy…uhm, did we say buy? We meant GROW!

Why not? You can grow your tomatoes at home, and it is as easy as pie (if not easier)

If you have a small free space in your garden, then consider yourself lucky, because that is all you need to grow the ultimate tomatoes

And now, let’s find out together how you can make this happen right in the middle of your garden.

I- Climatic and Temperature requirements of Tomatoes :

first, let’s start with what matters most, the climatic requirements for effective tomato growing:

– Sowing is generally done towards the end of winter between February and March

– the right time to transplant is in May

– The temperature of germination must be around 20 °C

– This vegetable needs light and heat to grow, so you can start the seeds on a windowsill or use grow lights instead

– A heat mat will keep the roots warm on cold nights

– Water the tomato plants from the root and not from the top

II- Time to sow the seeds :

Let’s get to work!

But first, try to choose the right pot for your plant, a plastic seed tray would do the trick, and if not available, Even egg cartons are as useful.

– Prepare a permeable, nutrient-poor seedling soil to support the tender roots

– Pack the compost and balance the browns (Carbon-rich materials) and greens (Nitrogen-rich materials) into the pot with your fingers and place the seeds on top

– Cover with soil

– Water now to stimulate germination

– Cover with a plastic film to avoid water evaporation

– Transplant a few weeks later

III- Don’t forget to take care of them :

We are now in phase 3 and so far, so good.

Now is the time to learn how to properly maintain your tomato plant to harvest the best-tasting tomatoes:

– Do you want your plant to survive? Don’t overwater it. Like us, this plant will suffocate if you drown it in water.

– Don’t plant too early, shoots that are too high tend to fall over because they don’t get enough sun and energy

– Label seedling pots if you decide to plant more than one variety

– Use a home-made mini-greenhouse if possible

As you can see, growing tomatoes is no rocket science. All you need to do is to follow a few simple instructions and lo and behold, once done, you will have some great tomatoes in your garden to enjoy whenever and however you wished.

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Jack Newman