Cultivating Cinnamon: Simple Steps for Home Planting

Discover the simple joy of growing cinnamon at home and enjoy its aromatic and flavorful benefits.

Cinnamon, a versatile spice that is cherished for its delightful fragrance and culinary and health advantages. Wouldn’t you want to cultivate this wonderful spice in your own backyard? Let’s learn how to do this thanks to this simple and easy guide.

I-How to cultivate a Cinnamon Tree at Home:

– Start by acquiring the seeds

– Make sure you choose good seeds

– Plant the seeds in a pot with ample soil

– Make sure that the pot provides sufficient space for years of growth

– If you don’t have a pot, why don’t you make one? You would definitely enjoy it

– Choose nutrient-rich and moisture-retentive soil

– Don’t forget to enrich and boost the soil with compost and humus

– After planting, water the soil and allow absorption

– Consistent watering particularly in summer is vital

– Patience is required here! As growth takes months

– Wait until at least 2 meters tall before use

II-Practical Guidelines:

– Planting is better done in the rainy season

– Avoid direct sun and provide bright light

– For optimal results, go for well-drained clay soil

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