Growing Orchids from Leaves: Step-by-Step Guide

Discover the fascinating world of orchid leaf propagation and watch your plant collection thrive like never before.

Did you know that you can have your own orchid just by planting its leaf in the ground? With just the right treatment, you can ensure impeccable growth and expand your plant collection effortlessly.

Let’s take a look and learn how to master this easy technique:

I-Required Materials:

– Pruning shears (sharp).

– Lawn stretcher.

– Plastic container.

– Filtered water.

– Fertilizers: root, activated charcoal, cytokinin paste, and succinic acid.

II-How To Propagate An Orchid From A Leaf:

– Start by using a sharp pruning shear to separate the leaf along with a bit of the stem

– Allow the leaf around 8 hours to dry and activate the dormant node

– You can proceed to encourage root formation using a root trainer

– Prepare a solution by placing mixing an activated charcoal tablet in a glass of water

– Immerse the stem in that mixture and make sure the shoot neck is well submerged in the water

– Now dissolve a succinic acid tablet in a cup of tepid water to stimulate root growth

– Submerge the cut leaf in the mixture with the germ neck facing downward

– Finally, before you plant the shoot in the soil, carefully inspect for any signs of rot or mildew

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