How to Recall an Email: A Practical Tip

Avoid email regrets and potential mishaps by learning this easy and practical tip to undo sent messages.

Have you mistakenly sent an email or perhaps forgot to attach a file? There is an easy procedure in Gmail or similar systems like Outlook that allows you to undo the sending and avoid any possible issues.

I-Undo Sent Emails: How to Recall Messages

– Start by logging into your Gmail account

– Click on the gear icon (settings) located in the top-right corner of the Gmail interface

– Now click on “See all settings” from the dropdown menu

– In the settings page, navigate to the “General” tab

– Look for the “Undo send” section. You may find different options to set a cancellation period such as 5,10,20, or 30 seconds

– Select the cancellation period that you prefer or enable the “undo send” feature if it is available

– Scroll down the bottom of the page and click on “Save changes” to apply your settings

Please note that the actual steps and the appearance of the Gmail interface may vary based on the version and settings of your account.


– Avoid sending incorrect or incomplete messages to others by undoing the send action

– Reduce the chance of sending embarrassing or sensitive information by using the undo option

– Feel more confident and reassured when composing and sending important messages

– Improve communication accuracy by having a second chance to review and edit messages

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