Hassle-Free Oven Cleaning: Effective Tips to Remove Burnt Fat

Revive the shine and cleanliness of your oven with these easy tips to eliminate burnt fat. No more hassle!

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As you use your oven repeatedly for cooking and heating, it gradually gathers residue from burnt fats, resulting in a gradual buildup of dirt over time. But worry not, we’ve got just the right trick to have that removed in no time!

I-Necessary Items:

– 500 ml of white vinegar.

– Oven-safe bowl or container.

– Water.

– Sponge.

– Microfiber cloth.

II-Eliminating Burnt-On Grease From The Oven:

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– Start by emptying the bakehouse and taking out the racks

– Now preheat the bakehouse to 180° C for around 10 minutes

– Mix 500ml of white vinegar with some water and bring to a boil

– Place that bowl of white vinegar in the oven and allow it to sit for 30 minutes

– The steam and heat that comes out of the mixture will soften the burnt fat residue

– Now wear gloves for protection before you start the cleaning phase

– Grab a sponge and soak it first in the vinegar solution, then scrub the interior walls of the bakehouse

– Rinse the treated surfaces with a damp cloth to remove all remaining stains and residue

– And finish by wiping everything clean with a dry microfiber cloth


– Enjoy a shiny, impeccably clean, and thoroughly disinfected bakehouse interior

– Wave goodbye to stubborn burnt-in grease and the build-up of dirt and grime

– Eliminate any unpleasant odors that might have been lingering due to accumulated dirt

– With regular maintenance, you’ll guarantee a longer lifespan for your bakehouse

– Impress family and friends with meals prepared in a pristine and well-maintained bakehouse

– No need to rely on harsh chemicals or expensive bakehouse cleaners with this simple and effective approach

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