Iron Like a Pro: 3 Expert Tips to Maintain a Pristine Iron Soleplate

Achieve smooth and wrinkle-free clothes effortlessly with a clean iron soleplate. Follow these easy tips now!

Frequent usage of an iron can result in dirt buildup and stains on the bottom plate, and it could even develop rust over time, that is not what we want now, do we? Here are a few tips to effectively clean your iron soleplate and keep it working properly.

I-Revitalize your iron soleplate with lemon:

Lemon proves to be a remarkable cleaning agent. It is quite a versatile fruit that can do wonders!

– Start by making lemon juice and soak a microfiber cloth in it

– Now rub the cloth over the bottom plate of your iron to clean it

– Grab another soft, dry, clean cloth and wipe the iron plate with it

– This simple process will restore the shine and cleanliness of the soleplate

II-Harness the power of Marseille soap:

– Yet another versatile item that can definitely clean your iron bottom.

– Start by scrubbing the iron plate with soap

– Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the cleaned surface

– And now watch how clean and shiny your iron has become

III-Conquer stains with white vinegar:

Embrace the cleaning powers of white vinegar to tackle the most stubborn stains on your iron soleplate.

– Soak a microfiber cloth in white vinegar

– Now rub the iron plate and in case of several stains, use salt

– If you happen to have applied salt, rub gently and delicately

– Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to wipe everything off

Important note: never clean the bottom plate while it’s hot. Wait until it cools down to work safely and effectively. You are a few simple steps away from having a clean and shiny iron soleplate.

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