Say Goodbye to Stains: 4 Simple Ways to Clean White Walls

Revitalize your living space effortlessly with these 4 simple tricks, restoring your white walls to their pristine glory and bidding farewell to yellow stains for good!

The white walls of your home are highly susceptible to dirt and stains, which can mar their overall appearance. A lot of unsightly elements like oil, dirt, dust, or cobwebs can spoil the view if left unaddressed. That is why we’re offering you effective and practical methods that will effortlessly remove all traces of grime, leaving your walls looking impeccable.

I-Cleaning and Dusting: A Vital Step for Dirty White Walls:

– Start by moving your furniture to the room center to protect them from dirt

– Now before cleaning, dust the walls and remove cobwebs

– Use a vacuum cleaner to dust quicker and more efficiently

– Try wrapping a cloth around the broom to scrub hard-to-reach areas like corners and ceilings

II-Banishing Smoke and Grease Stains with White Vinegar:

– Start by clearing the area around the walls you wish to clean

– If you have some old clothes or floor paper, then use it to safeguard the floor

– Mix water with white vinegar and washing-up liquid in a basin

– Now soak a sponge in the solution and scrub the stains, working upwards

– Be careful around electrical outlets and avoid liquid penetration

– Now, clean the walls with a clean sponge and water then dry the cleaned surfaces with a dry cloth

III-Removing Oil Stains with Baking Soda:

– Be extra careful with objects and floors when handling oil stains

– Start by dissolving baking soda in warm water and add a little white vinegar to create a solution

– Soak a sponge in the solution and use it to scrub oil stains

– If the stains are stubborn, use the strong end of the sponge in circular motions

– Now rinse the sponge with tepid water and then use it to wipe away residue

– Make sure you work your way from top to bottom when cleaning

– You can follow up with yet another dampened sponge for further cleaning

– Then allow the walls some time to air-dry

IV-Magic Eraser: A Solution for Marker Marks:

– Like oil stains, marker traces require taking some precautions

– Apply the “Magic Eraser” to surfaces with marker traces using circular motions

– Now mix water with surface cleaner in a basin and soak a sponge in it

– Use the soaked sponge to clean the treated areas

– Wipe the wall surfaces clean with another clean, wet sponge

– And finish with a clean, dry cloth that leaves your walls free of marker traces

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