Aromatic Allure: How to Nurture Enduring Basil on Your Balcony

Discover the joy of cultivating your own evergreen basil oasis on your balcony – savor the delightful flavors, enjoy its enchanting aroma, and relish the satisfaction of growing lasting greenery.

Basil is known for its aromatic charm and numerous benefits. It is a versatile herb that will not consume space or extensive gardening knowledge. Simply find the perfect spot for it, whether indoors or on your balcony, and nurture it with simple daily care. Follow our gardening tips that will guide you every step of the way and let your plants thrive and bring joy to you for years ahead.

I-Planting Basil:

– Start by using versatile soil that will promote optimal seed growth

– If you’re planting outdoors, go for plastic pots

– Make sure the pots have sufficient depth, since your plant can reach as far as 60 cm in height

– Keep some distance between the seeds and plant them at a shallow depth

– Place the pots in a well-lit spot, but avoid direct sunlight and water regularly

II-Ideal Planting Time:

– The ideal time would be Spring: from late winter (February) to early spring (March)

– Note that basil thrives with modest soil and sun exposure

– This makes it easy to cultivate such herbs in small pots with limited sunlight


– The plant takes around a week to germinate and emerge from the soil after planting

– Make sure you water the plant regularly, especially during the early stages

– Consider watering the plant in the morning time

– On hot days, water the plant twice, but do not overdo it.

IV-Prolonging Basil’s Lifespan:

– First and foremost, avoid overwatering. Maintain soil moisture but don’t make it too wet

– Overwatering the plant can eventually lead to root rot and that is not something you want to happen

– If you’re planting outdoors, shield the plant from droughts for better growth

– Remove small flowers to promote continuous growth and prevent the plant from becoming woody

– Also, consume upper leaves to prevent harmful methyl eugenol concentrations

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