Natural Toilet Cleaners That Will Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Of all the spaces in the house, the toilet is the most complicated to maintain. It’s a weekly never-ending chore to keep the bathroom as clean as possible

Let’s admit that we usually resort to chemical products on the market, and this is the first mistake we make. Do you want to know a few reasons why? Chemical products can:

– Corrode the toilet surface as it contains harsh acids

– Clog your pipes like bleach that creates solid deposits which cause blockage

– Cause health risks such as respiratory problems or maybe allergic reactions

Forget about all those expensive chemical products as we are going to a natural eco-friendly tip that will make everything shine around you while keeping your wallet full!

I- Toilet maintenance :

Let’s get to the heart of the matter!  Our guess is that you’re probably complaining about limescale, or maybe mildew. For that, you would certainly appreciate this two-in-one mix

1- You will need :

– Hydrogen peroxide

– White vinegar

– Dishwashing liquid

2- Preparation :

– Take a container and mix 60 ml of hydrogen peroxide with a few drops of dishwashing liquid

– Pour 250 ml of white vinegar on top and stir well

– Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and spray all dirty surfaces

– let it sit there for about 15 minutes, then scrub your toilet and rinse with warm water

II- Your hygiene matters!

There is nothing more important than hygiene in life. By prioritizing it, you maintain good health and prevent the spread of diseases

Here are a few tips to protect yourself and others from germs and disease:

– Ventilate wet and humid spaces like toilets every day for at least ten minutes

– Dry all surfaces to prevent moisture and lime scale from settling on them

– Always use natural products like those mentioned above, or baking soda or lemon, for example

– Never mix bleach and vinegar, in fact, banish it from your list of detergents

– always opt for natural solutions to absorb moisture and unpleasant odors such as essential oils, coffee grounds, coarse salt or potpourri

Now you know all about our natural tricks, a clean toilet is no longer a luxury. You can now enjoy a clean bathroom without spending a penny.

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