Master The Art of Lavender Pruning With This Simple Guide

Antispasmodic, antiseptic, diuretic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory, lavender is the most valuable treasure that you probably didn’t know about.

When we said that Lavender is a treasure, we meant it. And here is why:

– promotes relaxation and stress relief

– relieves sore muscles and headaches

– repels insects better than chemical insecticides

– alleviate depression and anxiety

– prevents dandruff and promotes hair growth

I- About pruning :

The first question we can ask ourselves is “When to prune this wonderful plant? ”

Here is your answer:

– the best time to prune lavender is in early fall, as pruning later can damage the plant

– when pruning lavender, avoid diving into the hard stems

– make sure you prune it regularly to maintain its health and appearance

– Let’s prune, preferably in the morning

II- Best pruning technique :

Now that you know when to prune lavender, let’s discover how to do it.

– first, let’s grab the needed tool(s) for pruning

– you will need either pruning shears or scissors

– cut off the dead flowers and try to shape the plant

– cut back the over-extending stems, but never come near their woody part

– also keep some leaves hanging as they are responsible for the plant’s photosynthesis

– after you’re done, don’t leave any debris around the plant, so it does not attract pests

III- Lavender plant maintenance :

We know that lavender is relatively a low-maintenance plant, but still, we have prepared a few tips that will make your job even easier.

– When pruning, also take cuttings to propagate it (do this on twigs that have not yet flowered)

– Provide well-draining soil for your lavender and only water it when the soil is dry

– live olive trees, lavender requires at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day

– mulching around your plant can help improve the soil quality

– Scratch the soil to remove stones that may hinder the growth of your shrub

– Pruning residues can be used as compost or mulch

As you may have noticed, growing lavender is not a Herculean task and can provide and wide range of practical benefits.

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