Cook Carrots To Perfection Thanks To These Tips

Seven quick and easy tips that will make your carrots tender in no time.

While your kids might prefer them raw, sweet, and fresh, you like them seasoned to accompany all your dishes and appetizers.

No matter how you eat them, they are still good for your health as carrots are a good source of Beta carotene, fiber, Vitamin K1, and potassium:

-They help with weight loss

-They push cancer away

-They keep your stomach healthy

-They maintain cholesterol balance… and much more for your skin, your eyes, your hair, and your whole body.

I- Ingredients :

-2 pounds of medium-sized carrots

– 10 cloves of garlic

– 50 ml of olive oil

– 60 ml of water

II- And for the seasoning :

– Salt

– Pepper

– Thyme

Now all you need to do is to grab a pan/casserole and roll those sleeves

III- Preparation :

– Clean, peel and cut your vegetables into slices or cubes

– Heat the oil

– toss the carrots and let them fry over medium heat with the minced garlic

– Stir from time to time

– now add water and cover your pan

– Twenty minutes later, add the seasoning ingredients

– Turn up the heat for a few minutes, then turn it off

Your sweet dish is now ready to be devoured! Bon appétit

You might want to balance your dish out and add some Basmati rice or perhaps a fresh salad.

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