Grow The Tastiest Radishes At Home And With 0 Effort

Radishes are quite easy to grow, and they fit even in the smallest corners of your garden.

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What makes them special is the fact that you can harvest them multiple times within the same season. Let’s find out to grow them, so they can add some crunch to your salads.

Another fun fact is that such vegetables are edible from root to stem, and you can add them to so many dishes and trust us, you will not be disappointed.

I- Enough talking, More sowing! :

– It is recommended that you sow radish seeds as often and little as possible.

– As they grow hidden, make sure they are growing in favorable conditions

– You can plant them practically everywhere; in a pot or in the ground, it does not matter

– Make sure you sow them around 1 inch below the surface and keep the seeds far from one another

II- Let’s grow them radishes :
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– You might find yourself obliged to thin out your radishes. Once the seedlings are around 2 inches tall and the true leaves appear, you must create some space between the seedlings by snipping out the greens at the soil level. That way, you guarantee a nice round bulb formation.

– A quick tip: the thinning are actually edible, so don’t hesitate to add them to your salads

– Keep in mind that radishes grow in cooler conditions and can tolerate cold weather

– Radishes make a good companion plant that can be planted with other vegetables such as cucumbers, peas, and oregano. They will help break up the soil and improve plant growth

III- Now, we harvest :
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Knowing when exactly to harvest is as important as the other steps. They are fast growers, and they require little to no care, but the harvesting phase is no joke. That is why we’re here to offer you some advice regarding this matter.

– Check the size of the radishes before pulling a whole row. Expose only one plant, and you can tell if the row is ready to be harvested

– Make sure that the average size of your bulbs is around 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter before you pull them out

– Summer radishes can be lifted out while winter must be dug up

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