The Ultimate Guide To Freeze Dairy Products

Have you ever even considered freezing dairy products? Or weren’t aware this was actually doable in the first place? Here is how.

To preserve certain foods that decompose quickly, such as meat, for example, you need to freeze them. But what might not know is that your freezer can preserve other kinds of food that you never thought of!

Here is a for instance. Did you know that eggs can be frozen for a whole year? And still would taste as fresh as new eggs. Now you won’t have to throw away any spare whites or yolks after you’re done with a recipe.

Luckily for you, the story does not end here. There are so many other products you can freeze for much later, including:

I- Butter :

Whether it is salted or unsalted, butter can be frozen. Just make sure you wrap it tightly in plastic or foil to keep it fresh and preserve its flavor.

II- Milk:

Milk is yet another dairy product that can be frozen for up to 1 month without any impact on its flavor or nutritional value. Make sure you pour milk into multiple plastic containers, as milk expands when frozen and that increases the probability of a huge mess inside your freezer.

Also, when defrosting milk, don’t count on the room temperature as that increases the risk of bacterial growth, instead, leave the milk container in the fridge to slowly defrost back to its normal temperature.

III- Yogurt :

Like milk, yogurt tends to expand when frozen, as it contains water. Yogurt can be frozen for up to 3 months and will remain the same. You can pour it into more suitable containers and don’t forget to keep some space or there will be splatters everywhere.

IV- Take note! :

Now that you know what types of products you can toss in the freezer, here are a few points you must pay attention to:

-Write the freeze date on the product before you put it in

– Wrap everything well (Butter)

– Be aware that certain product may lose their consistency when defrosted (yogurt)

– Do not freeze milk for longer than one month

– Never freeze fresh cream or you will regret it

You should also know that some other products do not belong to the freezer, like vegetables and fruits that are high in water. As for dairy products, you should never freeze any fresh cheese such as Ricotta or Feta.

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