The Ultimate Hot-Weather Watering Tips

It is quite a challenge to keep your plants hydrated in hot weather, as it is a fine line between them being hydrated or burned. For that, you must understand your plants’ water needs before it is too late.

Water is essential for all life forms, which is an undeniable fact, but that does not mean you should give them water daily. Overwatering can cause problems as well, such as:

– Heavy soil

– Lack of oxygen

– Droopy leaves… etc.

So, it is important to preserve the balance in your watering schedule to keep the plants healthy and happy.

I- When to water the plants :

In almost all cases, watering early in the morning or in the evening is preferable. If you water in the afternoon, water will evaporate quickly before the plants get to absorb it. If you water early in the morning when it is cooler, then water will find its way to your plant’s roots and then slowly dry in the heat of the day.

II- Keep in mind! :

If you aren’t into reading long paragraphs about how to keep your plants hydrated in dry conditions, here are the essential tips that you must concentrate on.

– Water as early as possible

– Maintain a balanced watering schedule

– Water the plants as deeply as you can

– Avoid watering with hot water

– Use shade cloths to block the sun

– Use mulch to block the sun (we shall explain further below)

III- Mulch to the rescue! :

Mulching is not only rich with nutrients, but it also serves as a shield that blocks the sun, reduces water loss, and maintains soil temperature by trapping moisture for longer periods of time.

Here are the correct ingredients of mulch that will beat the heat:

– Grass clippings

– straw hay

– old leaves

– cardboard and newspaper

Hot weather is a nightmare for your plants and can be quite tough on them if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Thanks to the tips we offered you today, gardening has now become as easy as pie

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