Boost Your Vacuum Cleaner With These Tricks

Do you have a vacuum cleaner? Then this article is for you.

We own so many home appliances for a simple reason: it is because we seek assistance throughout the household chores, so we can buy more time to do much more important things! Here we must remind you that your home appliances need maintenance and checking sometimes. Today, we chose the vacuum cleaner, and we are about to share some golden tips with you to make such domestic appliances last, so you can get the most out of them.

Grab that vacuum cleaner and let’s start with the first step.

I- Check the bag :

If you notice that your vacuum has become “tired” then you must check its bag.

The bag inside needs to be changed every 2 to 3 months otherwise, the suction power will slowly diminish. If you have pets in the house, then we suggest you replace the bag sooner.

II- Clean or replace your filter :

More often than not, the vacuum filter will be washable. If not, then just replace it every 6 months

– remove the filter

– submerge it in water

– use a mild detergent for better results

– Dry it well

– put it back in your vacuum cleaner

III- Unclog The vacuum hose :

A clogged hose can damage your vacuum cleaner, so it must be checked periodically. One of the symptoms of a clogged hose is your vacuum cleaner not being able to suction the way it used to be

– separate the hose from the vacuum cleaner

– You will quickly see if there is dirt or some object stuck inside

– In this case, you can use a simple metal hanger

In case, it is only dirty in there.

– Wrap a piece of cloth around the metal hanger

– Push it inside the hose and rotate

– All the dirt will come out easily

Now, connect the hose to the vacuum cleaner and see the difference.

IV- Change the belt :

If you want to preserve the performance of your vacuum, make sure you change the belt every 5 months. You can refer to the manual in case you need further info about the belt number and brand.

V- Clean the brush :

Debris and hair stuck to the brush must not be taken lightly. If kept there, they will encourage the growth of bacteria instead of eliminating them.

– disconnect the brush from the vacuum

– Remove hair with a toothpick

-If you have a pair of scissors, cut the hair instead

-Soak the brush in water and vinegar

-Let it dry then re-attach it

VI- Don’t forget the electrical cord :

There are so many points to take into consideration to keep your cord tangle-free and plugs safe for you to use on a daily basis.

– Never over-extend the cord

– Don’t tie knots in the cord to shorten it as well

– Don’t use force when unplugging the cord

– Always check for cuts or loose plugs before using the vacuum

VII- Adjust the nozzle :

This one is so obvious that it never crosses your mind. Let us remind you about it.

Nozzle height is a fine line that separates correct vacuuming from damaging your carpet. If your vacuum brand happens to support such an option, you might want to optimize it for better results.

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