Eggshells From Compost to Craft: Easy Ways to Reuse at Your Home

Eggshells, often discarded after consuming the eggs, can actually be repurposed in creative ways.

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In this article, we present some innovative ideas to reuse eggshells and give them a new purpose.

I-Strengthen Nails with Eggshells:

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– Grind the eggshells into a fine powder.

– Incorporate this powder into your regular nail polish.

– By infusing your nails with calcium from the shells, you can fortify and stimulate their growth, rescuing fragile nails.

II-Use The Shells to Protect Your Plants:

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– Crush eggshells and scatter them at the base of your plants.

– Alternatively, grind them into a powder and mix it with the soil.

– This natural method will deter garden pests and enrich the soil, fostering healthy plant growth.

III-Clean Food Scraps from dishes:

– Crush shell remnants finely and sprinkle the crumbs onto a sponge.

– Use this sponge to scrub away stubborn food remnants from pots and pans.

– The eggshell crumbs effectively assist in removing these residues. Note: Apply this method on the pan’s bottom cautiously.

IV-Strengthen the Growth of Tomatoes:

– Sprinkle crushed eggshell crumbs around the base of tomato plants and into the soil.

– This technique strengthens the plant’s stems, ensuring they can adequately support growing tomatoes.

V-Decorate Sprouting Plants:

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– Gather intact shells of eggs.

– Employ them as miniature pots for delicate plants or to sprout seeds.

– Arrange these charming natural pots in a planter for kitchen or balcony decoration.

VI-Clean Blender Blades with Eggshells:

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– Place the shells of eggs into the blender pitcher and add a small amount of water.

– Activate the blender for approximately 30 seconds until the shells break and the mixture appears frothy.

– Clean the pitcher as usual and allow it to dry.

Discover the myriad possibilities of repurposing eggshells, breathing new life into these seemingly insignificant remnants.

Published by
Stacey Smith