Shrimp-tastic Delights: How to Make 12 Irresistible Deviled Eggs

If you are searching for a unique and delectable twist on a classic appetizer, look no further than shrimp deviled eggs.

People say that learning is a continuous process, and I can’t agree more with this especially when it comes to cooking. As each country has its authentic cuisine that comes with a variety of sweet and savory recipes people are now more inclined to try different new recipes, and why not experiment with new dishes that mix different ingredients, just like this recipe we present you today?
Shrimp Mimosa Eggs, have you heard of it before?

Although this recipe might appear unusual, it is a delicious appetizer. You’ll find that making shrimp mimosa eggs is simple, and requires just a couple of ingredients, and the cherry on top, these deviled eggs are mouthwatering. So, if you want more diversity in your meals, try this dish.


– 12 Large-sized shrimp.

– 6 Eggs.

– 1 Small Red Onion.

– 100 g mayonnaise (homemade or store-bought).


– salt.

– Black pepper.

II-How to Prepare the Shrimp Deviled Eggs?

Don’t worry making shrimp deviled eggs is way easier than you think.

– Boil the eggs for 10 minutes, you can add salt to the boiling water for easier peel later.

– Peel the shrimp and clean them well.

– Cut the onion into small cubes.

– Cut the eggs in half, then remove the yolk and keep the emptied whites for later.

– Mash the egg yolks.

– Add mayo to the mashed yolk.

– Season the mixture with salt and fresh ground black pepper.

– Mix all the ingredients well until you have a homogenous mixture with a creamy texture.

– Pour the mixture into a piping bag with a fluted tip.

– Stuff the egg whites with the yolk filling.

– Place one shrimp on each egg white half.

– Finish by sprinkling some paprika for garniture and add a bit of a spicy taste.

– Put your shrimp egg mimosa in the fridge for at least half an hour to cool.

Ta-Da! Your deviled eggs are ready to be served, isn’t this the easiest and most delicious recipe you have ever made?

Bon appétit!

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