8 Foods Safe to Eat After Expiry Dates

Discover the surprising versatility of these 8 foods that remain perfectly safe and enjoyable even after their expiry dates have passed.

With their quality largely unaffected, you can confidently savor these items, reducing food waste and embracing a more sustainable approach to your culinary choices. So, go ahead and indulge in savoring these treats that prove that best-before dates are just a guideline, not a strict rule.

Below you will find a list of foods that remain consumable, even after expiry dates.


– Eggs have a natural protective layer called the cuticle; this layer prevents bacteria from entering the eggshell.

– Proper storage in cool environments and the protective layer extend eggs’ freshness, making them safe to consume after the expiry date.

– In case you have doubts that an egg is not fresh you can conduct the water test to examine it, all you need is to immerse an egg in glass water to check for freshness based on how it is floating in the water.

II-Milk (UHT):

– The pasteurization that milk labeled as “UHT” (Ultra High Temperature) undergoes makes it safe to consume beyond the best-before date.

– As long as the packaging remains unopened and undamaged, and the milk has been stored in a cool and dry place, it’s likely safe to consume.


– Yogurt can often be safely consumed after its expiry date due to its fermentation process. The live bacteria culture present in yogurt help create an acidic environment that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.

– You only need to make sure that the yogurt is not showing signs of spoilage like an odd smell, unusual texture, and mold. If none of these signs is present, then your yogurt is safe to consume.

IV-Frozen Foods:

– Freezing preserves the quality and safety of food, as it slows down bacterial growth that causes spoilage.

– As long as the frozen food has been stored consistently at a proper temperature (usually 0 °F or -18 °C), it can remain safe to eat beyond the best-before date.

V-Canned Foods:

– The process of canning foods in an airtight container and then exposing the container to high temperatures kills the bacteria and enzymes that cause spoilage.

– If they can remain intact, without bulging, leaking, or significant damage and the food shows no spoilage signs once you open it then the food is safe to consume.


– Spices can often be consumed safely even after their expiry dates due to their low moisture content and natural preservation properties.

– While spices might lose some of their potency, aroma, and flavor over time, they generally don’t spoil or become harmful to consume.

VII-Dried Fruits:

– Dried fruits have a low water content, which makes them safe to consume after the best-before date.

VII-Honey Has No Expiry Date:

– Honey can be safely consumed even beyond its best-before date due to its natural properties that inhibit bacterial growth and spoilage.

– The high sugar content, low moisture, and acidic pH of honey create an environment that preserves its quality over time.

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