Shine Bright, Deck Right: Proven Methods for Cleaning a Blackened Deck

Do you know why the blackened deck used sunscreen? Because it wanted to treat dark spots. Help your patio to light up and keep reading to know how to clean your terrace effectively.

Do you wish to see your deck all cleaned up and shiny? However, you believe that it is a laborious process with little assurance of success no matter how many products you use or how much you scrub dub. Your deck’s joints and tiles become filthy rapidly. Well, worry not, you won’t have to use a powerful vacuum cleaner. We will assist you in resolving this issue with a straightforward but efficient method utilizing baking soda, which is an all-natural and reasonably-priced product. I guarantee you will be amazed when you see the results.

I-What You Will Need:

To effortlessly and effectively clean your deck you only need a few items already available at your home:

– Hot water.

– 3 Tbsp of baking soda.

– All-purpose cleaner.

– A bucket.

– A broom.

– Lavender essential oil

II-Clean Your Blackened Deck with Baking Soda:

When it comes to cleaning a blackened deck everyone is looking for the easiest methods that require the least effort possible, and that is exactly what this article suggests. All you need is to follow a few simple steps and you are done.

– Take a clean bucket and pour about a liter of hot water into it.

– Add 3 Tbsp of sodium bicarbonate.

– Pour half a cup of an all-purpose cleaner of your choice.

– Then add 10 drops of lavender essential oil, which will deodorize the surfaces for long-lasting freshness.

– Mix all the ingredients well, so you end up with a homogenous cleaning solution.

– Pour the mixture on your deck.

– Using a broom scrub the surfaces and tiles well to remove all the dirt and built-up dust.

– Don’t forget to brush thoroughly the joints you can even use an old toothbrush to reach the corners and any spaces that are hard to reach.

– The last step would be to rinse your patio with clear water to remove all the residue and foam.

III-The Results:

This homemade cleaning solution will make all dirt and tile discoloration disappear instantly.

This tip is easy to do and the results are guaranteed and effective.

Now you have a clean terrace and a few extra dollars in your pocket instead of buying a professional high-pressure cleaner. And most importantly you contributed to the well-being of the planet and yourself by making the greener decision.

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