Brighten Your White Laundry With These 5 Tips

White garments are notorious for attracting dirt and stains, making their cleaning process more challenging compared to other colors.

However, fear not! We have some natural and effective solutions to help you restore the pristine whiteness and radiant shine of your stained white linen.

I- Bleach the Laundry With Hydrogen Peroxide :

– Create a mixture by combining 7 parts water with 1 part 30% hydrogen peroxide.

– Submerge your laundry in a basin filled with this mixture and allow it some time to regain its whiteness.

– Alternatively, you can add hydrogen peroxide directly to the laundry tub in your washing machine.

II- Yeast Powder to Whiten Your Linen :

– Add powdered yeast to the laundry tub of your washing machine.

– Place your white clothes in the machine and initiate the normal wash cycle.

– Witness the transformation as your clothes regain their brilliant whiteness.

III- Use Baking Soda to Clean Your Whites :

– Dissolve 150g of baking soda in a basin containing 4 liters of water.

– Soak your white clothes in this solution to swiftly clean and whiten them.

– Subsequently, proceed to wash them as you typically would.

IV- Marseille soap To Brighten your Whites :

– Immerse your white clothes in a basin filled with warm water and Marseille soap.

– Allow the soap to work its magic for one hour to restore their pristine whiteness.

– Rinse the clothes with lukewarm water and allow them to air dry, rejuvenated.

V- Lemon From Your Kitchen to Your Laundry :

– Place the discolored clothes in your washing machine.

– Enhance your laundry detergent by adding the juice of half a lemon.

– Let the magic unfold during the washing process.

– Alternatively, create a mixture of boiling water and lemon slices. Pour this solution into a basin and let your clothes soak for an hour before washing them.

Published by
Stacey Smith