2 Frugal Methods To Save Money On Laundry

Washing clothes has always been a chore for moms in the past, but with time and especially the development of technology, things have changed.

Home appliances such as washing machines and dryers have done a great service to mothers and fathers, especially nowadays.

What would you do if you had a full-time job, children to look after, cooking, and many other things to do inside or outside your home? There’s really no time to bend over a laundry tub anymore.

Even though washing machines and dryers have come to save the day, we still think you need a few tips to optimize your dryer

I- Wool dryer balls :

If you don’t pay attention to what the labels on your clothes say, you will fall into the trap and basically end up with teddy bear shirts and baby onesies. Well, here is how you can prevent that from happening

– toss a pair of wool dryer balls into your dryer before you start it.

– They will stretch the fabric and optimize the drying process

And the Good news is: They are reusable!

Tip: You can also use tennis balls to optimize drying.

II- Save your laundry :

Here’s a tip that will come in handy when doing laundry:

– Prepare a basin of cold, salty water one night in advance (100 g of coarse salt for 1 L of water)

– Wait until the salt is completely dissolved

– Then immerse the clothes in it for a few hours before putting them in the washing machine

Soaking clothes in salty water will remove all the stains from your clothes, help maintain the brightness of their colors, and will even remove sticky spots if there ever were one.

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