Adulterated or Pure Honey? 5 Ways to Confirm

Pure Honey is very good for your health. It is rich in water, carbohydrates, and nutrients.

Indeed, it is the best alternative to sugar, as long as it is pure and of good quality. To recognize pure honey, you must have an idea of its characteristics.
There are no half-measures when it comes to honey, and that’s what you’ll learn to do today.

I- Heavy Honey :

We start with the most known and applied test by most people in the four corners of the world; the dissolution experiment!
– Fill a bowl with cold water
– drop a small blob of honey into it
And that is it! Wait to see if it settles at the bottom or if it dissolves in water, and if it doesn’t settle down, know that you have been staring at adulterated bee juice.

II- Heat Test :

Done with the first test? Here is a second one!

You can still try to make sure, by conducting a second experiment:

-Take a pan

-Heat a tablespoon of Honey in it

If it starts to form bubbles, it’s not a good sign.

If, on the other hand, it caramelizes quickly without any foam, then what you have been heating is pure bee juice.

III- Light the fire :

And no, we are not referring to the famous Johnny Hallyday song!

– Take a matchstick
– Dip it in the nectar sample
– Now drag it along the striking surface

If the matchstick lights up, then it is pure, unlike adulterated honey that does not allow the ignition of the matchstick

IV- Read and observe :

Normally, this is the first thing to do before you even open the jar.

– Read the label carefully to understand the product.
“100% pure”, “Origin”, “Flower name”, Honey harvested and potted by the beekeeper.
All the above-mentioned details are expected to be found in a good jar of pure honey.
– Appearance: There should be no imperfections. Sometimes you can even find pollen and beeswax in it. And it crystallizes evenly and homogeneously after a few months.

Falling into the trap of rip-off merchants often happens, and when it comes to expensive products like famous golden syrup, the risk becomes more frequent. So, you must be very careful and act smart, whether in the store or at home.

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