Charger Up: The Surprising Consequences of Leaving Your Charger Plugged In

Leaving your charger plugged in even when the phone is not connected has the same effect as leaving your pet lion to roam free.

What you might not be aware of is the fact that your power adapter can suck the life out of your electricity bill even when the phone is not connected to it. This is just the tip of the iceberg, my friend. We’ve looked up, and what you are about to read regarding this topic will surprise you.

I-The Risks And Dangers Of Leaving Your Charger Plugged In:

– The first risk that everyone knows is that the adapter that’s connected to the power supply tends to overheat.

– Indeed, it consumes energy even if it is not connected to any device, and the longer you leave it that way, the higher your electricity bill will be.

– Note that if the adapter overheats when plugged in, your device will also suffer the same.

– Now, once all that heat is transferred to your device, it can cause a fire hazard.

– Aside from overheating, a bad adapter can be quite “shocking”… Literally!

– These risks are more likely to occur with poor-quality adapters or those purchased at low cost.

– Also, it is important to be careful and avoid leaving your charger plugged in with a fully charged device.

– Please note that the moment your adapter is plugged in, it will start wasting energy even if you don’t connect it to any device.

– You can check that if the charging device contains an LED, it will always stay on and perhaps will alert you to the fact that you have a charger plugged in. So, it works like some kind of reminder.

II-Risk Of Reducing The Charger’s Lifespan:

– Keeping it plugged in for long periods of time will affect its lifespan.

– This will contribute to damaging it and consequently push you to buy a new one.

– It goes without saying that replacing an original charger is no longer as easy, and you are more likely to buy an imitated one without even being aware.

– It should be noted that most of the generic chargers you find in the market at discounted prices are cheap, and their quality is nowhere near the original ones.

Published by
Jack Newman