A Simple Aluminum Sheet Will Save Your Life

We all have a roll of aluminum foil at home, but we don’t always know what to do with it besides its primary uses like cooking, baking, and food storage.

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You might be surprised by how useful tin foil can be to you because (and we are definitely not exaggerating here) a simple sheet of aluminum foil can sometimes save your life.

I- Aluminum Foil :

Let’s start with the characteristics of this famous product:

– Thickness of 10 to 20 microns

– Composed of 99.5% aluminum

– primary use: Packaging of food products

But luckily for you, the uses of aluminum foil know no limits or boundaries.

Human intelligence, as well as research and experience, have proven that it can be very useful for other purposes:

– For cooking instead of lids sometimes

– To eliminate static electricity, a ball of aluminum can do well in the washing machine

– To optimize the operation of radiators

– To remove permanent manicure

– To polish and remove rust from certain objects

– To alert you to the presence of an intruder in your home

II- Can Aluminum Foil Be Your “Guard Dog”?

You might be wondering how a simple sheet of aluminum foil can alert us when an intruder tries to enter our home, whether in our presence or if we are far from home.

– First, you’ll need to wrap the paper around the front door handle gently and without crumpling it.

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Why bother?

– because if someone tries to open your door without your permission, it will crumple, and more importantly, if you are already home, it will make some noise, and even set off the alarm, if you have one.

III- Protect Yourself From Thieves :
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A thief can also be an aggressive person, so it is better not to confront them.

Here, the foil trick is great, but to know at the right time if he is planning a burglary, you need to know some more details:

-It could be someone following you from afar, he’ll know when you’re not around, so he can break into your home, monitoring your daily habits, including your mailbox (still full or not)

-To alert you to his presence, hang a cup on the handle of the door above you

– Notify your neighbors of your absence and ask them to look around your home from time to time

– Hide as many valuables as possible that appear through the windows

– Be very careful and act quickly if you notice a certain person behaving strangely around your home and call the police

– Make sure you lock all the exits before leaving the house

An attempted burglary? No, this should never happen to you again, as you’re smart and careful enough to prevent a tragedy.

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