The Sparkling Secret: Talcum Powder for Crystal Clear Windows!

Step aside Windex! It is time for talcum power to take the stage in the grand spectacle of window cleaning!

We bet you wish to be the ringmaster of window cleaning, dazzling everyone with your crystal-clear panes. We’re here to grant you that wish.

I-Talcum Powder Cleaning Product Ingredients:

– One tbsp of talc powder.

– One and a half cups of warm water.

– A spray bottle.

– 2 microfiber cloths.

– A suitable cloth to remove dust.

II-Let’s Prepare It!

– Pour hot water into the spray bottle and add the tablespoon of talc powder.

– Since talc does not dissolve in water, you must shake the bottle before spraying.

– Spray this mixture on the windows and immediately rub the spot with a microfiber cloth.

– To remove the traces that remain on the glass, spray this mixture directly on a cloth instead.

– After allowing the glass to dry, use the second cloth to remove traces of the powder.


– An inexpensive natural product that is skin-friendly and will make your windows shine bright like a diamond.

– If there are stubborn stains, you can resort to white vinegar-based products to remove them and keep those windows shiny.

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Published by
Jack Newman