Ant-Proof Your Home: Tips and Tricks to Keep Your House Ant-Free

Ants are tiny creatures, but they sure know how to take over a place!

Can you blame them just because they thought your home is “antastic” to them? They might be one of the tiniest creatures, but they still have the biggest ambitions, and your cozy home may seem like the perfect place to set up shop and raise their families.

Today, we’re going to show you how to kick these unwelcome guests out of your house.


– Take some eggshells and crush them into a powder.

– Sprinkle this powder in the places ants can access and pass through.

– Make sure you do this as often as possible.

You will be surprised by the results.

II-Fighting them With Spices:

Such insects hate strong odors which many spices have like clove, chili powder, or black pepper. Such strong scents can disrupt the ants’ ability to communicate with each other and navigate.

– First, you need to identify the routes they follow.

– Clean that area and make sure you remove all trails and food resources.

– Sprinkle spices like black pepper, cinnamon, or cayenne on the area.

– Repeat this process until you no longer see those insects.

III-Baking Soda:

– Mix baking soda with powdered sugar.

– Sprinkle the mixture in the areas where you see insects.

The mixture will attract them as it contains sugar. The baking soda will act as poison, which will dehydrate and eventually kill them.


Borax can cause dehydration as well as disrupt the insects’ digestive system. In other words, this too is a slow-acting poising that will kill your enemy.

– Mix borax with sugar in a bowl.

– Add water until you get a paste.

– Place the paste in areas where you have seen insects.

Sugar will attract the insects, and they will carry that deadly mixture back to their colony. That means the effect of the poison will spread and kill many of them.

V-Essential Oils:

Essential oils are impeccably effective in controlling ants:

– Prepare a spray bottle containing water (250ml would be enough).

-Add a few drops (about 20 or more) of the essential oil of your choice (citrus, rosemary, or other).

– Spray the areas where you have seen insect activity. The strong scents in essential oils are toxic to them.

Note: if you or any member of your family happen to be allergic to essential oils, don’t forget to keep the windows open (during the spring and summer seasons).


– Grab a piece of chalk

– Draw a line with chalk around areas where you want to keep ants away.

– Make sure the line is unbroken and in doubt, you can apply it twice.

You can crush the chalk into a powder and sprinkle it around the areas where you see ants go in/out or pass by.

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