Buzz Off! Effective Ways to Eliminate Houseflies from Your Home

Houseflies can be one of the most irritating insects to deal with. These tiny pests have a knack for buzzing around our heads.

These nature’s little buzzy pranksters can really test your patience, and it appears that they seem determined to be your uninvited dinner guest that will not hesitate to perform daring acrobatics around your plate or zip past your ears as if they’re auditioning for the next Top Gun sequel.

Now will you let them invade your personal space and drive you to the brink of insanity like that? Of course not!

Know that there are many ways to keep the annoying houseflies away for good. And you won’t even need an insecticide, just a few whimsical and eco-friendly solutions from nature’s arsenal of remedies that will help you to enjoy your home in peace.


I-An Apple A Day Keeps Houseflies Away:

Here is a popular method to repel houseflies. They will steer clear of you the second you try this!

– Grab a fresh apple and about 20 cloves.

– Slice the apple into wedges.

– Stick the cloves into each wedge.

– Spread the wedges where flies tend to congregate.

When the sweet scent of apples is paired with the pungent smell of cloves, they produce an odor that flies find quite unpleasant and for that, they tend to stay away from the source of the smell.

II-Final Results:

– As you may have noticed, this is a perfect alternative to all chemical repellents that can harm you instead of those nasty houseflies.

– You have now turned your home into a “no-fly” zone by strategically placing apples and cloves around your house.

– Also, while that produced scent is unappealing to flies, many people find it to be pleasant.

– Furthermore, this seems to be a cost-effective solution as well as it is inexpensive compared to commercial fly repellents that won’t only kill the flies but might drag you along with them.

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