Signs That Say Your Orchid Is Screaming For Help

Orchids are quite fragile and require extra care, especially when it comes to hydration.

Let’s take you as an example. How long can you survive without water? A day, or maybe two? And then every organ will start complaining.

The same goes for your expensive plant that can only tolerate some level of dehydration, there will be some signs that you can notice:

– Yellow and wilted leaves

– White to grey-colored roots

– Buds falling off

Water is the vital source that gives us life and if taken away from sensitive and fragile plants like orchids, they will start to wither away.

Here is what you need to do to keep your plant safe:

I- Rehydration. When? And How? :

When it comes to taking care of tough plants like Orchids, you will need some tips to keep you on the right path.

– know that not all flowers need to be watered every single day. Each species has its own rules

– Place varieties that belong to the same species in the same pot

– Water your plants once a week, even a little more frequently in summer and depending on the temperature

– It also depends on whether your orchid is in full development (hydrate it well) or in dormancy (reduce the frequency of watering)

II- Optimum conditions for orchids:

They are plants like no other, and they outsell all the other plants in the world. They are beautiful, rare, and highly expensive.

So it makes perfect sense that such plants are going to be more demanding than any other plant you have seen before.

These plants thrive in strong light but avoid direct exposure to light as that can burn your orchids

– Provide soil with good drainage

– Provide light, but not direct light

– Temperatures should be moderate

-Feed it regularly with a balanced fertilizer that includes potassium, nitrogen, and Calcium

-consider using a humidifier to help with the dry air in your space

It is obvious that they are hard-to-grow tough plants, but it is really easy to adjust to such a demanding plant that will surely brighten your garden and amaze your guests!

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