Restore Your Home Appliances With 1 Ingredient: Dishwasher Tablets

Dish tabs no longer belong to your dishwasher. Read more about it.

Dishwashers have become a necessary home appliance. They are handy, and they save time as well as water compared to handwashing, and they keep your dishes clean and shiny, but did you know that dish tabs are not only made for dishwashers?  Let’s discover what dishwasher tablets are capable of.

I- Toilet Scale Removers :

Are there stubborn stains in your toilet bowl?  Is your bathtub coated with limescale? Worry not. We got your back.

– Melt one or two dish tabs in hot water

– Soak a sponge in it

– Scrub the stained surface with it

– For the toilet, just drop one in the toilet, let it work its magic for a while, then scrub with a broom and rinse

Can you spot the difference already?

II- Dirty Oven Cleaners :

Let’s agree that of all the appliances, it is the most exposed to dirt, Grease, unwanted odors, bacteria and dust, humidity, etc.

Want to restore your oven? Use dishwasher tablets:

– Heat water

-Let one dish tab dissolve in it

– Soak your cloth and clean everything; walls, rack, tray, door…etc.

Mission accomplished!

III- Garbage Cans Deodorizers :

We still haven’t left the kitchen area yet! And as you may know, nothing worse than unpleasant smells that come from garbage cans. How about we put an end to this?

– empty the trash can

– Fill it with water

– Dissolve a dishwasher tablet in it

– Let it dissolve for a while then clean and rinse

Wave Goodbye to ugly bacteria!

IV- Washing machines need tablets too :

Your washing machine has been cleaning your clothes for so long now. How about you reward it for a change?

You can unplug it and use the same technique described above, i.e., dissolving the tablet in water and then scrubbing the appliance with this solution.

Alternatively, here’s a more practical trick:

– Throw one in the drum

– Run a wash cycle on empty without exceeding 60° C

– Leave the door open right after

As you can see, these are really simple steps that everyone can follow and with the help of a single ingredient, you can keep all the home appliances around you clean and shiny.

What are you waiting for? Try this and be amazed by the results!

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Published by
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