Master The Art of Packing With These Easy Tips

Traveling can broaden your horizons and expose you to new cultures and lifestyles, but once it comes to packing, things can get rough!

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Some of us travel to reduce stress and take a break from exhausting jobs, others travel to improve social skills and create some wonderful memories. Each one of us has his/her reasons, yet we share the trouble of one common challenge; Packing!

Sometimes when we are about to travel, it feels like we’re not going to leave anything behind!  And that’s what makes the job even harder. The fact that we can’t select or prioritize the items that must be taken.

For that, we are here, and we brought you a few tips that will help you pack like a pro.

I- Take what you need :

You will have to make a list, not of everything important to you, but of what could be useful during the trip. Do this a few days ahead of time, not at the last minute.

Here are some examples of things that should be in your suitcase, regardless of the season:

– Toilet kit

– Towels

– And why not a “lucky” item of your choosing

– Just one, don’t take them all! Like A book, a stuffed animal, or a pendant.

II- Clothing and storage :
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Let’s state a simple fact; the most essential item in a travel bag; is clothes.

Choose comfortable and light clothes, which can be easily stored. The best thing is to try on clothes in advance and make a decision at the right time.

Just know that what matters is the adventure that awaits you on the other side of the world or country, not what you are going to wear. There’s no point in cluttering your suitcase with stuff you’re not going to wear in the end.

For shoes, one extra pair is enough. And try to pick one that goes with everything.

III- Pack like a pro:

When tidying up, most people put all the items together in any way as you might be doing it at the last minute and this is the mistake that will add stress and tension to the situation.


– And before anything else, plan your suitcase: Where to put the accessories? Where to put the shoes? And how do you fold the laundry?

– Fold it vertically

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– Roll up each piece of clothing cylindrical and lay it vertically against each other

Not only will you save space, but you’ll feel a weird satisfaction each time you stare at this beautiful picture, and you’ll save time looking for items upon your arrival. Packing your clothes before you leave on a trip is a step that should be done carefully and wisely, and early enough. That way, you will avoid ruining your vacation just because you forgot a pair of shoes!

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