Firewood Without Guilt! Make It At Home And Protect The Planet

If you have a fireplace at home, then you know that wood is a bit expensive.

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Plus, cutting down trees all day long isn’t perfect for the environment! For that, we thought you would find the tips below quite handy to save both the planet and your money!

There is more to this story, and because we know that we already had your undivided attention, let us move right to the good stuff!

I-Firewood: what do you need to make it?:

– Cardboard

– Bags of sawdust

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– Newspaper

– A paperweight

– A pan

– A trash can

That’s all you need for this little project to be successful, though you might be wondering where to get all this stuff from.

– Cardboard boxes can be found in stores and supermarkets, otherwise, just ask your neighbors or buy some online

– As for newspapers, it can’t get any easier, you can get them from recycling centers, libraries, or coffee shops.

II- Time to make some firewood :
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Wood made from sawdust and cardboard? Yes, it’s great!

You get to enjoy making it and at the same time, you get to customize the shapes and sizes of wood based on your needs, and you reduce the amount of waste.

– Pour around 8 casseroles of sawdust into empty garbage can

– Cut the cardboard into small bits and toss it there

– Mix them well with your hands

– Cover the mix with newspaper

– Now cover with water

-A paste will form, let it rest overnight

– Knead the mixture the next day

– Get a mold that is sturdy enough to withstand pressure. You can use PVC pipes for instance

– Pour the mixture into it

– Let it dry

And there you have it. Convenient, Homemade, and environmentally friendly firewood for those of you who don’t have access to traditional firewood.

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