5 Marvelous Tips To Protect Your Car Key Fob

Did you know that your own car key fob can be used against you? Find out how this can happen and most importantly, how to avoid it.

You don’t want to go through the trouble of placing the key in the car door and opening it? Do you have a key fob that will unlock it from a distance, so you can open the door like a boss? Maybe you need to reconsider that, as you are not the only one who can access your own car.

This is what the cybersecurity Jack Reedy has confirmed. Indeed, you’re not the only one who has the “password” to your car as anyone who bares you ill will, can use a specific device that can capture your car key signal and then later replay it to unlock your car and the rest you already know…

Knowing that your car key can be hacked, you need to be very careful from now on! And we are here to help you protect what’s yours and keep robbers away from your car.

I- Protect your Car keys :

Carjacking is no good news to any of us, but we are not going to cross our arms and wait for this to happen to us.

II- Store your key in a blocking pouch:

If you place your car key in a Faraday bag, you will block all electromagnetic signals since the bag is made of metallic materials like copper and aluminum. A simple trick that will block signals from both being sent or received.

III- Use a steering wheel locking device:

Steering wheel locks have proven to be quite effective against thieves and robbers. That will give your car a second chance to survive in case robbers find a way to access it.

IV- Keep the inside clean :

Keeping your car empty on the inside can sometimes help. Not having expensive and valuable equipment inside like electronics or maybe accessories can discourage a thief from breaking into your car.

V- Disable keyless entry :

If your car came with a keyless fob, it can be turned off. This would be the last bullet for you to rid yourself of all nightmares about your car being hijacked.

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