4 Reasons Why Your Cat Follows You Everywhere

Cats can sometimes be clingy for a variety of reasons. Let’s find them out.

You must be familiar with dog years! How about we teach you a little bit about Cat years?

The first year of your cat’s life equals 15 human years, and the year that follows it equals nine years, making two cat years the equivalent of 24 human years. Each additional year that follows the first two equals 4 cat years. Now, can you guess how old your furry pal is?

As mentioned earlier, this furry little pet will constantly demand love and affection. It will follow you everywhere and sometimes that can be irritating to you, but trust us, the poor cat has its reasons. Among those reasons we have:

I- Lack of Affection :

They do hate company by nature as not all of them appreciate being around strangers, but they can still manage to bond with their caregivers unlike certain dog breeds such as Maltese Bichon that will spread the love regardless of how close you are with them.

Know that if your furry little friend sticks to you like your own shadow, then it is obvious that it is strongly bonded with you and considers you not only as a caregiver but as a mother to it.

II- Sign of Intelligence :

Cats are very intelligent, and this is what makes them loved. Without much effort, they can easily become a family member that everybody speaks to, even though we know they won’t understand.

And by dint of observing you all day long, it picks up all your gestures and tries to imitate them to get your attention. For that, it follows you everywhere, even to the bathroom. Eventually, it will be capable of anticipating your actions, and that’s a reassuring thing for him because, unlike us, cats are creatures of habit and will most likely create patterns around the details of your life.

III- Attention Seeking :

How would you know that your baby is hungry? The baby would not talk, but it will compensate for that with cries, screams, and gestures that will deliver the message.

Cats tend to do the same! Only instead of crying or screaming, it will meow and perhaps develop different tones that you will understand with time. Each tone serves a specific purpose like food, play, or snuggling time for instance.

IV- Stress :

Stress, anger, sadness, these feelings are not just for us. Don’t be surprised, pets are allowed to feel bad from time to time too.

What’s important here is not to find out what stressed your Tom, but to remedy the situation. There are many ways you can do that, like:

– Use pheromone diffusers

– Use cat-calming collars

– Spend more time playing with them

– Use activity toys to stimulate them physically and mentally

You can already tell that taking care of pets does not solely mean food and shelter. These little balls of fur share so much more with us other than basic needs, they share feelings of fear, anxiety, happiness, depression…etc. that must be recognized and understood

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