Eliminate Cockroaches Using 2 Ingredients

Win your battle against cockroaches and eliminate these pesky creatures for a clean and healthy home using only 2 household ingredients.

You need to know that getting rid of roaches can be a long process to eventually reclaim your space and enjoy a cockroach-free living environment. There are multiple methods to eliminate cockroaches, these vary between cleaning the space, sealing the entry points, and using cockroach baits and traps.

But look no further because in this article you will discover the most effective method to eliminate roaches from your home.


– Flour

– Plaster

– Bowl

– A spoon to mix

– Small containers

II-Eliminate Cockroaches

– In a bowl, mix equal parts of flour and plaster.

– Divide the mixture into small containers, make sure these containers are shallow, so roaches can reach the bait easily.

– Put the containers near the hiding places, cracks, and areas where you usually spot these insects.

– Check on your bait regularly to make sure roaches are attracted to it.


– This bait is effective because when roaches eat it later, the plaster will harden in their digestive system, leaving them unable to feed and eliminated from your space eventually.

– This method helps you to get rid of roaches in a simple, eco-friendly, and cost-effective way without having to use harsh insecticides that cause allergies and other diseases.

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