No More Waste with These 7 Eggshell Uses

Prepare to be amazed by the versatility of eggshells with these 7 surprising uses that go beyond the breakfast table. From natural beauty remedies to eco-friendly gardening hacks.

Discover the surprising versatility of eggshells that go beyond breakfast. From natural fertilizer and pest deterrents to seedling starters, and household cleaners, eggshells offer a range of practical and eco-friendly solutions. Embrace their hidden potential and reduce waste with these creative and surprising applications.

I-Eggshell for Slug Control

– If you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to chemical insecticides, then eggshells are your go-to solution.

– First, you need to collect eggshells then clean them and remove any egg residue and leave them to dry.

– Crush the dried eggshells into small pieces and sprinkle them around the base of your plant or in slug hiding places.

– Make sure to reapply once needed if you notice slugs reappearing or after rainfall.

II-Boost Compost Efficiency

– Collect dry and clean eggshells.

– Crush the shells and add them to the compost in layers.

– This method will reinforce your compost with calcium carbonate to promote healthy microbial activity to benefit your plants.

III-Use Eggshells as Seedlings Tray

– You can use empty eggshells as seedling trays to help the seeds germinate.

– Place the empty shells in an egg carton, then fill them with rich soil.

– Slightly water the soil, then add the seeds in the center of the shell.

– The seeds will feed on the shells’ nutrients, accelerating the germination process.

– Once you notice young sprouts, you can transfer them into larger pots.

IV-Reuse Boiled Eggs Water

– Save the water you have after boiling eggs for a recipe or breakfast.

– Let the water cool and strain it from any residues of shell fragments.

– Use the cooled water from boiled eggs to water your plants.

– Make sure to repeat this as much as needed to minimize water waste and provide your plants with all the rich nutrients.

V-Nutritious Chicken Feed

– Collect shells, remove any egg residue, then wash them thoroughly.

– Use a mortar to finely crush the shells.

– Add the crushed shells to your chicken feed and chickens will consume it naturally.

– Regularly collect shells and follow the same steps to add them to the feed, this will provide your chickens with all the necessary calcium and minerals intake.

VI-Heal Small Cuts

– You can use the inside membrane of an egg to quickly heal small cuts and wounds.

– First, you need to clean the small cut by washing it with mild soap, then gently dry the surface with a clean paper towel.

– Take the membrane of a fresh egg, the membrane is the thin layer that covers an egg under the shell, and put it on the cut.

– This method will help you protect the cut from infections caused by bacteria and will help stop bleeding.

VII-Creative Shells Decor

– You can use eggshells to decorate your home or kids’ room for the holiday season or Easter.

– First, you need to empty whole eggshells and clean them. All you need to do is to pierce the eggs from both sides using a needle. Then blow in one hole to empty the egg.

– Once the egg is emptied, put it under running water to clean it from the inside.

– Now for the decorating part, you can get creative, you can color it with fun vibrant colors, add stickers, and draw on it. For this step you can use the help of your little ones at home, this will be a fun family activity.

– Lastly, you can arrange the eggs in any form that pleases you. You can experiment with different arrangements and groupings.

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