Innovate Cork with These 6 Cool Uses

Give cork another life and transform the way you use this versatile material, from eco-friendly projects to functional solutions to keep your hands busy and unleash your imagination.

Get crafty with wine corks and turn them into unique pieces. As you embrace sustainability and the endless possibilities that bottle stoppers offer, create a home that is both stylish and environmentally friendly. Keep reading to discover a selection of cork-recycling ideas.

I Use Cork to Ignite Fires

– You need to collect the necessary materials like twigs, papers, and of course a bunch of wine closures.

– Arrange the material in a form of a pyramid and put a cork in the center, making sure it is in direct contact with the paper.

– Now you need to ignite the cork and watch it burn easily because of its flammable properties.

– Finally, you need to add fuel gradually and carefully.

– Don’t forget that igniting a fire needs good ventilation.

II-Craft a Phone Base

– Don’t you hate it when you are watching your favorite series, and you have to keep holding your phone even if your fingers are numb? Don’t worry, we brought you the easiest yet most clever solution.

– You need to measure the dimensions of your phone and mark them on the cork using a pencil.

– Use a knife to cut around the edges.

– There you go now you have the base for your phone ready, and you can color it or add some stickers for a personal touch.

III-Water Your Plants

– Using a drill make a small hole inside the wine seal, the size of the hole should be similar to the flexible tube you will need to water the plants.

– Insert one end of the tube inside the hole and the other end should be connected to a water source, you can simply put it inside a bottle.

– Lastly, place the bottle stopper in the pot while making sure it is positioned toward the roots, and it will slowly but efficiently water your plants.

IV-Make Stylish Furniture Handles

– Use a measuring tape to determine the size of the handle and desired shape.

– Now that you have your dimensions and shape use a cutter to cut off extra parts, you can use sandpaper to smoothen the rough edges.

– To attach your new handle, you can use a drill to make a small hole, then use screws.

V-Cooking Pot Heat Protection

– If you have ever burned yourself after touching the hot handle of the cooking pot lid? Then this trick is for you.

– You need some bottle stoppers to measure them to the lid handle.

– Cut any excess edges using a sharp knife.

– Now all you need to do is to slide the cork into the space formed by the lid’s handle.

– This way you can enjoy your cooking experience while protecting yourself.

VI-Make Unique Bag Clips

– Determine the size and shape of your bag clip, you can use a ruler to take the measures.

– Carefully cut the desired shape with the help of a sharp cutter and finish by making a notch in the middle of the cork.

– To use the cork bag clip, all you need to do is fold the packaging and put the clip to seal your favorite snack bag.

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